Monday, May 3, 2010

"An Evening to Remember"

First Big Announcement:

I'm having "An Evening to Remember" on Friday, July 23, 2010 from 6:00 p.m. til 9:00 p.m. at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building at 15 East South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah. The Joseph Smith Memorial Building is just a short walking distance from the Salt Palace Convention Center.

The evening will include a beautiful traditional buffet dinner which includes Chicken Wellington, which is a breast of chicken stuffed with mushroom and ham duxelle wrapped in a flaky pastry with cream sauce. We will also have baked Pacific Salmon with fresh pineapple raspberry salsa. Included in the dinner will be a mixed green salad with condiments and dressing, assorted seasonal fruit tray, seasonal vegetables, parslied new red potatoes, hard rolls, raspberry lemonade, and New York cheescake with raspberry sauce. Yummo!

Dinner will be served promptly at 6:00 p.m. and stamping will follow. You may want to arrive a few minutes early to check in. We will stamp (4) beautiful Make & Takes and have time for swapping. We will have a themed swap and will let you know in plenty of time what the theme will be.

Our own Diana Gibbs, a 2009 Artisan Award Designer will be one of my hosts for the evening. Many of you have seen her beautiful works of art on-line and in Stampin' Success. Another one of my hosts is Dina Anker from Toronto, Canada. You'll recognize Dina once you see her. She's always the first to arrive in Main Stage at Convention each year and is always waving her Canadian flag! I'm so pleased to have them helping me with our event. They will be designing our Make & Takes and are both wonderful stampers!

We are pleased to have some special guests that will be attendance. I don't want to ruin the surprise just yet, but I promise you ... you won't want to miss out! I only have 100 spots available. Payment is only $50. Just click on the PayPal link on the side of my blog to register. Also, shoot me an e-mail at to make sure that you are registered. I'll send you an e-mail confirmation which you can print out and bring with you to the event.

I need to have my final counts and payment by May 12th to the facility. This is not a money making event for us. We'll break even if we sell all 100 seats. :) I'm sooo excited to have this event for you during your free night at convention. No need to worry about where you're going to eat or what you're going to do. Come join us for fun, laughs, hugs, food, stamping, and loves. Can't wait to see you!

Linda Lou


Maureen said...

O Linda! I would give my right arm (ok - I stamp with that - so maybe the left!! LOL) to attend convention and your dinner. However, I still in the middle of life's hiccup, as it were and won't be able to unless I hit the lottery. I know whatever you have planned will be wonderful and the peeps attending will be very lucky indeed!!!

Mary said...

I know I'm in, now I just have to check with my 2 roommates and make sure they also want to come. Can you say excited???

ClistyB said...

If anyone is is hesitant to go, and you're needing a push...hear this...
The Raspberry lemonade alone is worth the $50! You have my word on this. And then of course, there's the stamping, friends, etc.

Sandy L said...

Linda, I have signed myself and my roommate up for the great evening. Unfortunately I can't access you email. Will you please contact me at


Linda said...

My friend Rebecca and I have signed up! Yippee!

Debra Keane said...

Hi Linda. I want to pay for two of us. Do I sigh up twice under my name?

Diana Gibbs said...

I can hardly wait to see everyone!
Thanks for putting this on Linda, you are the BEST!

Love you,

Gerry & Wendy said...

Hi Linda. This is a wonderful idea. Will be nice to see you (and Diana) again. And we get to stamp too!!!!!
Wendy in Canada - occasional snowbird in AZ
(Demo since Apr/02.)

DinaPEA said...

I can't wait as well - When Linda sent the response from paying from my husband's email paypal account, he had to ask if your "Love Linda" was meant for him!! He' was momentarily baffled!

Amy said...

I have signed up and can hardly wait!! Thanks for doing this. :)


Carol Stamps said...

Hi Linda,
I just paid for myself and would also like to reserve a spot for my downline/roommate. Paypal didn't give me an option to pay for two. Can we do that? I want to make sure she can get in, too. She's your biggest fan. I know it will be the most fun evening!

Betty said...

I signed up 3 times for myeself and 2 dl. Didn't know how else to do it. I didn't get a email that says "Love Linda" though. Did it really go through??

Gwnne said...

I am so excited to see you and Diana thank you for doing this just sent in my payment

Jacki Montgomery said...

Linda - I would so love to join you and Diana for this wonderful event, unfortunately I will not be attending convention this year. My husband is competing in the Lake Placid Ironman and as much as I would like to go to convention, I want to be at the finish line for him even more. I hope this becomes an annaul event and I can join you next year. Good Luck!

Jacki (NJ)

Christine said...

Hi Linda!

I was hoping I could very nicely convince you to open more seats to your dinner! :0) I wanted to sign up the second I heard about the dinner but I HAD to wait for today, payday, because we didn't have a cent to our name until then... I was SO sad to see that it was sold out when I got online to pay for my ticket today! I completely understand your need to put a cap on the number of people but if you do have the way/means to open more seats PLEASE do! :0) My upline, Stella and other demos have told me that it's an event not to miss so I would love to attend! Thanks for hosting this and I hope you'll be able to open more spots! If not, I hope the ladies that are lucky enough to attend have a fantastic time!
Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja