Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm Taking the Plunge!

O.K. ... I've had an over-whelming response regarding the World Joy fund-raiser dinner and I'm going to do it! I've reserved the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, same place as last year for July 15, 2011. I may be able to take as many as 250 people.

I had an amazing conversation with a dear demonstrator who wants to donate all of the stamping supplies for our stamping projects. I was almost in tears, I was so amazed at the generosity and kindness. Bet you would have laughed if you could have seen me waltzing around my office shouting for joy. I'm still in shock! As soon as I receive permission to use her name in my blog, I'll give a big tribute to her. She's incredible!

Not only will we have a wonderful dinner, like we did last time, but I'm working on some incredible entertainment. No, it's not Jaron ... even though I'm sure he'll sing a few numbers for us, if asked. And no, it's not me. He's a recording artist and I'm almost certain he'll entertain us for 'free' when he hears our purpose.

I've also had a few of you 'opt' into the trip. I'm in communication with our people in Ghana to arrange some service projects while there. I'm hoping to take a group of you over the first quarter in the new year.

I'll let you know how to reserve your seat for the dinner as soon as my web contact links the credit card information to our World Joy site. And remember, your donation (not the dinner portion) is tax deductible since it is going to a non-profit organization. We'll have door prizes, stamping, and entertainment, and fabulous food.

We had a nightmare trip to Oregon for Thanksgiving! Normally we can drive it in 12 hours. It took us 17 hours and my daughter-in law and I had to ride in the back seat of the pickup truck with NO leg room. And I had a dog laying across my lap almost the entire trip. The roads were horrible ... even some road closures in Idaho. At one point we were stopped in the middle of no-where with several truckers and family vehicles. The kid in front of us was in shorts and got his unicycle out of the car and was riding up and down the highway. It was frigid cold and windy. There were people out of their cars visiting with one another and dogs running free. After almost an hour they opened the road and we were on our way. Coming home was just as bad...another 17 hours. We finally stopped in Ontario, Oregon and spent the night. Boy were we ever tired! I don't think we'll take a road trip again in the winter months. Next time, we'll fly!

I miss my little Oregonians. Wish they lived closer! BOOOOOO! Are you all getting ready for the big day? I still have a lot of sewing to do, but no worries ... I'm having a ball with all of the church and work parties.

It was raining and a wee bit cold when Lynn and I took 5 of the grandkids to Hogle Zoo for the Zoo lights. His company paid for all the tickets, plus dinner and gift for the kids. What a company and very family oriented! Don't laugh at my hair ... remember it was raining!When you put on the Zoo Lights glasses, all of the lights turn into snowflakes. It's amazing! Look at little Ellie with the glasses on top of her glasses. Yummo --- hamburgers!Addison ...


Benny -- with catsup on his face!


Charlene said... the singer/entertainer's name Donny by any chance????!!!! Miss you tons!

trishcook said...

Hi Linda,
We were in Oregon over Thanksgiving as well. We got up there ok, before the storm. We elected to go home thru Winnemucca to avoid the ice storms coming thru Oregon and Idaho. Glad you made it home safe, despite a very long drive!