Monday, June 22, 2009

Yikes ... I'm Getting Scared!

So ... I'm in the process of trying this video posting again. I took advice from Holly from Ft. Eustis, VA and imported the video into Windows Movie Maker and changed it to a compressed file. It's still taking a long time to download, so we'll see what happens.

The weekend was spectacular. We spent three days at the most beautiful condo you can imagine, in the most beautiful valley, with the most wonderful family ... mine! A few months ago my daughter found a rental property that was big enough for our entire family. This place was incredible. It had three levels and we all had our own bedrooms with bathrooms. It had a huge media room which held everyone and included surround sound with a huge big screen TV. The property had a swimming pool which we made good use of on Friday. Saturday it rained so we spent our time watching movies, reading, and napping and visiting. We were each assigned a meal to prepare. Everything worked out wonderful and we all had a great time! We celebrated 4 June birthdays ... three of them being on the same day, yesterday, along with Father's Day. (I'll post some pictures as soon as I download them from my camera.)

This morning I attended my pre-surgery class and met with a dietitian, nurse, and psychiatrist. I was the only one in the class so had a great one-on-one. I think I got all of my questions answered. I have the surgery on Wednesday and I may be able to go home on Thursday. That's amazing! For the first little while I will have a diet which consists of clear liquids, jello and broth ... only 2 ounces. They showed me the little cups that were an ounce. Holy Cow ... I can consume an ounce in one gulp! the psychiatrist had the same surgery 4 years ago. He weighed 365 pounds prior to his surgery and now he's slim. He was so heavy, prior to his weight loss, that he was breaking the bones in his feet just by walking. He said that on the Today show this morning they were talking about the surgery and how it's the 'easy way out' to losing weight. He said that really makes him mad when he hears that remark. It's not the 'easy way out.' It's a hard, life changing way of eating and it's not easy. It's very hard. You need to commit to exercise and staying away from carbs and sugar forever!

Tomorrow night I get to do a cleansing. You know what I mean if you've ever had to have a colonoscopy or stomach surgery. Basically it's a super, duper enema and I was told not to plan anything away from home tomorrow night ... if you know what I mean.

I just noticed that the video showed up, so it just may work. (Thanks Holly!) Keep in mind I was running the camera myself. Geez, how I miss my Pitt and my Tom who used to do all of my video work for me. Oh well ... those were the good ole days!

One quick update on my son, Reese, who is at Boot Camp in South Carolina. He called to wish his Dad a happy birthday and father's day yesterday. He said it's hot! He also said that he's doing very well. He's the third biggest guy in his platoon but hasn't quit or given up on any task assigned to him. He's carried 75 pounds of gear on his back and walked for miles. He said that men that are in much better shape than him have fainted and gotten sick from the physical exertion but he's endured. I know that God is carrying him through. He has a great attitude and says that he never gets in trouble because he knows how to obey the rules! He's thankful for his testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and has had the opportunity of sharing it with others as well as bringing a few to church services with him.

I've got to run to do a video shoot that will be posting on UStamp with Dawn and Friends. You won't want to miss it!

Gotta run!


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing those very cute projects Linda!

airbornewife said...

Linda... awesome video. It was good to hear your voice.. I always so enjoyed your presetations at Regionals. Me and my friend Linda had pictures with you and Shelli at Tulsa last year.. it was so much fun.. I still giggle thinking about how you had the camera man cleaning the stamps for you.

looking forward to more videos.. thanks, Pam

Charlene said...

Ending your post with the words "gotta run" made me giggle, considering you will be cleansing tomorrow!

Butternut Sage Designs said...

Hi Linda, I will be prayign for you for this entire week. I know you will be fine and in the palm of our Heavenly Father, you sound great by the way. So happy thoughts and wishes for a quick recovery!

DonnaJ9 said...

Lou Girl, I loved your video and it's given me the courage to jump in! Of course, you're only about 5 years ahead of me in experience. And thanks for calling today. It was just what I needed.

All that aside, good luck on Wednesday. You may start to look different outwardly, but you couldn't be any more gorgeous inside if you tried!

Love ya bunches,

Chris said...

Thanks for the great video. I am wondering how you set the camera to film at that angle.

Ruth and Dan said...

Loved the video, so nice to hear your voice and see a video from you!

Diana Gibbs said...

Hi Linda,
Loved the video, and it was great hearing your voice again. Did you use a real video camera, or a digital camera on the video setting?
And the tip about glueing your DSP to the chipboard before running it through the Big Shot, was a smack my head moment...doh!! Brilliant!
Good luck with all the cleansing and stuff, keep plenty of TP in the WC.

Christine said...

We miss you here in hawaii as well! We did have some great times at our lil' Luau! I have not been able to get in touch with Jaron to get the kalua pig recipe to him and I don't want him to think I forgot... could you let him know to contact me and I can email it to him!
Thank you! Miss you!

brooks1986 said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you have your surgery. My mom had the same procedure done last week and she's doing great! You're's definitely not the "easy way out". It takes a lot of courage to, first of all, make the decision to have the surgery and, then, strong discipline to change your relationship with food for the rest of your life. God Bless!

SimplySavage said...

Hi! It's Megan. I just found your blog and have an amazing recipe for you :) I will email it to you.

Linda Lou said...

Some of you asked how I filmed the video. I used a digital camera on the video setting,on a small tripod, and placed it behind my hands. This way I could see into the LCD view finder to make sure I was stamping in the frame. It worked fine!

Picasso said...

Great tip on placing the camera. I was wondering how that was done. I really enjoyed watching your video and hearing your voice again. I'm looking forward to seeing more. I know I'm going to have withdrawals at convention wishing you were there, but I can get my fix from your blog. I'll be thinking about you and wishing you well on Wednesday. Take care, Karen

Holly said...

I'm glad the file uploaded for you okay.. I love the color chart idea.. L