Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lifting Burdens

Lifting Burdens

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Is It!

Can you believe that this ole Granny went to see the new Michael Jackson movie This is It at the 10:00 p.m. showing last night? My hubby and some of the girls went. I loved it! Doesn't matter what or what MJ did or didn't do, he was an amazing musician. I can't believe that I don't even have any of his music. So, my daughter lent me one of his top hits CD this afternoon and I listened to it and reminisced about the movie while decorating Halloween cookies. There were some tender moments in the film and you could hear an audible sigh from the audience. I sat next to my daughter Angie during the show and she was on the edge of her seat for most of the movie. She would clap with gusto after each song. Of course I joined in too! MJ was and has been her favorite musician all her life. I think she secretly had a crush on him and wanted to marry him! Anyhow ... I'm sadder now about his death since seeing the film. And to think about all of the hours and hard work that went into rehearsals and all of the dancers, musicians, and singers who never got to perform the concert 'live'. And how I would have LOVED to attend a 'live' MJ concert. He really knew how to put on a show!

Thanks for the advice on getting an External Hard Drive. I'll go check them out at Costco.

Hey ... I loaded MDS on my computer and anytime I import a photo, my computer crashes. Any help there? Do you think it's a memory thing?

I'll take some pics of my cute Halloween cookies. Dang, they took a LONG time to decorate. Guess I'll have to figure out how to stamp on them. Would be a lot quicker. Couldn't find the frosting tint and almost resorted to using Re-inkers. Think it's toxic? Didn't do it ... found the tint hidden way back in the cupboard.

Got to get to work on a lesson for Relief Socity on Sunday. Ironically it's a talk given by Elder David Bednar about Cyberspace and using our time better by using the phone, sending cards, and in-person visits. He does say that Cyberspace has excellent good uses, but we need to use our time wisely and be careful of how much time we spend on the internet and video games. Good advice!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BOOOO ... I Need More Memory on my Computer!

I've shot the same video three times now and can't download it to my computer because I don't have enough memory! Since downloading MDS I don't have much memory left. Guess I'm going to have to purchase some more memory. Wouldn't that be nice if you could purchase more memory for your brain???

So ... here's some pictures of the Make & Takes that we did at Saturday's workshop. I'll also walk you through a neat technique that Cindy Custers shared with me.

I don't know what the heck is wrong here ... but my photos are all turned the right way in my file and when I upload them to blogger, they're turned sideways. I guess it's just not my day today! Oh well ... crook your neck and look at them sideways. They're cute, huh?

Here is a neat glitzy technique shared with us at Caroline LeBel's Stampin' Palooza event in Toronto by Cindy Custer. In an empty fine mist spray bottle place some rubbing alcohol and about 1/2 teaspoon of Shimmery Paint. This is the same method we used with Pearl Ex to give your card stock a shimmery effect. The Champagne Mist is beautiful. I have the Frosted White and it gives the darker cardstock a silvery glimmer. Very pretty! Shake well and apply a fine spritz to your cardstock. The cardstock will curl immediately, so place a book or something heavy on it while drying. You can use your heat tool to speed up the drying process. The glitter doesn't rub off after drying, like the Pearl Ex does.

This is the card that Cindy shared with us. Isn't it elegant? Wish you could see the sparkle on it. It's spectacular!

Here's some cute birthday cards using the Sweet Treat Cups. There's a secret hidden compartment where the recipient can get into the treats without ruining the card.

Can you see the clouds at the top of this balloon card? When you open the card, pull the clouds and the trap door is revealed to get the treats.

Just make sure that you only secure the three sides to the piece of cardstock inside the card. Leave the top open so you can insert your pull tab which will cover the hole to the treat cup.

Well ... off to see where I can buy more memory!! Have a great day!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aaahhhh ... My Favorite Season of the Year!

I'm always a little melancholy and sad this time of year to see the leaves change from vibrant greens to shades of real red, gosh darn gold, really rust, and bravo burgundy, and then drop from their branches to the ground. I love the colors of the season but have felt a little cheated this fall. We've had a cold spell these last few weeks and I haven't been able to enjoy the outdoors like I'm used to. But Saturday was an unusually lovely day so in the early evening we took Dieter and set out for a drive up Parley's Canyon through Park City and then over Guardsman's Pass. Oooh Eeeee ... there's some scary parts of the road that is dirt and will only allow one car at a time on the road, and there's a huge drop off on the one side. But when we got to the top of the pass we found snow. There were even some parts of the road that still had ice. I'm soooo not ready for winter. I told my hubby last night that we needed to winter in Arizona or Florida. I'm just not ready for the snow and cold. It's beautiful but I HATE to be cold and I HATE to drive in it!

I made a video to post to my blog last night and for some reason the file wouldn't run. So, I'm going to try again today. I want to show you my Make & Takes from Saturday's workshop, as well as a technique that I learned in Edmonton from Cindy Custer. You'll love it! I also want to show you some cute projects using the Sweet Treat Cups.

I've had the pleasure of getting to tend two of my grandchildren this week. I've sooo needed the change and have enjoyed their company soooo much. My parents love having them over too! Little Addison is sooo much fun. She's expecting her baby brother in two weeks, if not before. Her mother is experiencing high blood pressure so they may have to induce the baby to come early. I have baby Reesie today while her sister is having an MRI at the hospital. She just informed me that she needs to either go potty or her pants need to be changed so I must boogey!

I'll get to work on that video for you. See you shortly!

Friday, October 16, 2009

So What Have I Been Doing????

Wow ... time flies when you're having fun!

Not a whole lot to report on my end. Just taking care of the folks full-time and trying to stay out of trouble. It's amazing how I can keep Mom and Dad's home nice and clean and I can't even find the time to clean my bathrooms! Isn't that the way it is ... the barber who cuts everyone elses hair but doesn't have time for his own.

My sis came down from Montana to visit her daughter for a few days. Her and her husband stayed with Mom and Dad in the evenings. It was so nice to have them here. Mom and Dad really enjoyed the company. Since they were in town, some of the other nieces and nephews dropped by to say hello. Friday evening I was helping Mom get ready for bed and some of the kids hollered to me to come out to the living room. I told them I was busy and they insisted that I come out now. I went into the living room and there Reese was standing in his military uniform. At first I thought he must have been kicked out of the army. He surprised the family by coming home for a 4-day leave for Columbus Day. I doubt if we'll see him again until December when he graduates from his Advanced Training. He only has about 7 weeks left of training. He's really enjoying his studies and hands-on training on the Apache helicopter.

Let's see ... what else ... oh ... we got to go to the opera last night. One of our friends is King Duncan in Macbeth and gave us free passes to last night's rehearsal. It was amazing! The witches were wonderful and made me wish that I had been part of the cast. Since taking care of Mom and Dad full-time, I don't really have any free evenings or weekends off. But I planned well in advance before I left for the evening. I had their food all ready to go, fresh, hot home-made, bread right out of the oven ready for slicing, and their medications ready. When we got home their lights were off so I assumed everything went well. When I went over this morning, everything was fine. Dad only forgot to take one of his pills. Not too bad!

I've been prepping for a workshop for tomorrow morning. I'm excited! This is a GREAT hostess and she always has wonderful parties. She decorates her entire house in Halloween garb and it's amazing. Of course one of her projects is a Halloween card using the Sweet Treat cups and the other card is a Christmas card using the Petals a Plenty embossing folder. Then I've provided a tri-fold Halloween card for any of the customers who are a little more advanced in their stamping and would like to try their hand at it. I'll post the samples after the workshop. I think they're pretty cute!

So, how am I doing weight wise? It seems like this week the weight loss has been a little slower. Not sure why. Maybe I'm not eating enough. I go see the surgeon on the 27th for a follow-up visit. I'm down to 189 pounds ... for a total weight loss of 68 pounds in less than 4 months. I also haven't been exercising, at all. I went for a walk the other day and it felt sooo good, I'm going to take Dieter out this afternoon. It's supposed to be a warm day. We've had such a cold fall that I'm not ready for winter. I want it to warm up a bit. Oh ... that's one more side effect of the weight loss ... I'm cold all of the time. The reason is that my body thermostat can't keep up with the weight loss. I've also noticed that my hair is thinning in front. That's another side effect, but it should grow back in a few months. Oh well ... remember Wiggy Wednesday? I have plenty of wigs that I can wear if I go bald! Oh yes ... one more thing ... I swear my ears are getting bigger!!! My sisters laughed and laughed when I told them that. But when I look in the mirror I see my Grandpa Latimer staring back at me. He had HUGE ears and now I've got 'em too. Perhaps my ears look bigger because my face is getting smaller? Could that be it??? O.K. ... so now I'll be bald with huge ears, but at least I'll be skinny right?

What else ... just still working on a big project that requires a LOT of money and a Patent Attorney. Can't share the details just now.

Yes, I'm still working on the cookbook. It should be out before Christmas so you can place your orders for some awesome Christmas gifts!

That's about it for now. I think I'll go make a technique video. Sound fun? Gotta run ... love you all!

Friday, October 9, 2009

More Pics from Stampin' Palooza!

As promised, here are more pics from Caroline LeBel's fantastic event in Toronto, Canada. Don't forget to read the post I wrote earlier this morning for the two winners of UStamp with Dawn and Friends!

Sooo many friends ... so many hugs and loves! How I LOVE my Canadians. I remember so well the trip I took in 2002 to Canada to do field trainings from the west coast to the east coast and everywhere in between. It was the trip of a lifetime and I made such great friends then, who continue to be my friends today.

Oh ... I forgot to tell you ... I'm down 67 pounds as of this morning! Hooray ... almost down 70! I only have 30 more pounds to go ... possibly 40. We'll see ....

Mo Dickie ... the first demonstrator in Canada. I LOVE my bear nightie you gave me. I've worn it every night since I received it. I think of you every night when I put it on!

My chauffer, Donna, to the event from the hotel in her 'hot' Mustang!
Mo's sister, Ellie Blake!

Yum... chocolate!

Andrea Walford --- one terrific lady and stamper!
Oops ... I forgot to rotate this photo ... oh well too late ... rotate your head!

And the Winners ARE ..... Drum Roll Please!

Just a quick post before I go over and fix breakfast for the Mum and Dad. Then later today I'll post more pics from the Stampin' Palooza event in Toronto. I've been sooo busy with the parents as well as working on two of the most adorable projects for UStamp with Dawn and Friends. You're going to die when you see them!! (At least I think they're pretty amazing!)

We have two proud owners of free passes to UStamp ... Handcrafted by Dawn in Raleigh, North Carolina and Catherine Healy from Wheeling, Illinois. Girls, check out the comment on your blog for instructions to pick up your free pass to UStamp.

Happy Friday!

Hugs and Loves -- Linda

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Having Trouble With Blogger!

Michelle Woods -- My fabulous chef, escort, and partner in crime!

Sorry ... I'm having trouble with Blogger and I can't post any more pictures. But I'll try again later.

I had the most amazing trip to Toronto Canada to speak and stamp at Caroline LeBel's Stampin' Palooza this last weekend! I never can sleep the night before a flight and just as I had settled down to sleep, the phone rang at 12:45 a.m. It was American Airlines telling me that my flight had been delayed two hours and they were putting me on a later flight to Chicago. Then I couldn't get back to sleep so I was awake the rest of the evening. Lynn dropped me off at the airport and I asked at the desk if they thought I could catch my original flight in Chicago. He said if I run really fast I may make it. When I got on the plane there weren't any overhead room available for my carry-on and I had to put it in the back of the plane and sit in the front. So when we arrived in Chicago, I had to wait for the back of the plane to exit before I could grab my suitcase. And then I started walking really fast. I HATE that airport. There are no people movers and it's a long walk to the other terminals. I hurried as fast as I could and just as I got to the gate they slammed the door shut and said that the flight was closed. Oh well ... I tried. I just waited for my scheduled flight which was about an hour later.

When I arrived at the airport in Toronto, the cutest demo was waiting for me, Michelle Woods. She lives probably two hours from the airport and took her personal time to go to the airport and escort me to the event and to the hotel. She even had packed me dinner so I could eat at the event. And I was soooo grateful for the chicken salad because I had only had a cup of tomato juice all day. We had to go straight to the event and I changed into a skirt and top in the restroom before speaking. There were around 70 demonstrators that evening. They were so warm and friendly and made me so grateful that I had the opportunity of visiting with them and sharing my message. Gosh I love these gals! Caroline had provided a lovely chocolate fountain with all the goodies that go with it. It was enjoyed by all ... except me ... oh well ... that's what I have to sacrifice to get my new figure, right?

After the event I ran into some demos who were staying at the same hotel as me. I asked for a ride from Donna to the event the next morning. She took me in her convertible mustang. Too bad the weather was too cold or I would have made her ride with the top down! We had a fun ride to the event. We only made a few wrong turns but arrived safe and sound.

I'm not kidding when I say that these demonstrator events are the funnest events I've ever attended! I've never seen so many technique and product demonstrations at one event, in my life! The entire morning was spent with wonderful demonstrations. And yours truly got to present a product demonstration using the Sweet Treat Cups. I'll post my projects when Blogger is working again.

And the best part of the event was being asked back in February. So for those of you who can get to Toronto on February 19th and 20th, sign up for Caroline's next Stampin' Palooza event. You won't want to miss it! Her event included Make & Takes, snacks, drinks, lunch, a stamp set, fantastic door prizes, and tons of display boards.

Thanks to Caroline's lovely mother, Louise for dropping me off at the airport. I arrived home safe and sound around 10:30 that night. I think this was the quickest and longest trip I've ever made and it didn't bother me at all. I think I've become a world traveler and I'm pretty good at it and don't mind traveling alone at all! Of course it would be more fun having my 'honey' with me.

Well, I had 40 c0mments from my last post. I'll have my mother pick a number from 1-40 and the lucky winner will win a free pass to UStamp with Dawn and Friends. I'll let you know later who that winner is.

Time to go fix dinner for the hubby and parents. Mom had a fall this morning and hasn't been doing too well. But onwards and upwards. We've had her for a long time and we've been blessed!

Love to All!


Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Stampin' Palooza in Toronto!