Monday, February 1, 2010

It's A Wonderful Life!

It's a wonderful life ... it really is! Things are just rolling along and going great. I absolutely love my new job. I never thought I could find a place that I would love as much as my old job, but I have. As I mentioned a few posts ago I'm working for a small office in Bountiful, Utah. It's a short commute from home, only 15 miles away. Since I'm going against traffic it doesn't take me long at all to get to work. I'm actually working for two companies, Aspire Home Health Care and Hospice, and World Joy. Who would have ever thought that I would be working for a Hospice company? Only my mother would have guessed it! Since I've had a lot of experience with Hospice over the last 4 years and a lot of experience administering health care, this is the PERFECT fit for me! I was just asked to be the Volunteer Coordinator and the Bereavement Coordinator for the Hospice side. I'm delighted! I'll get to go on home visits with the nurse to get to know our patients. So, I'm looking for volunteers to come help out ... singers, dancers, instrument players, you name it ... we can use you! I'll also have the opportunity of going out on visits with our social worker and inititate a bereavement program for our families.

I love working for the World Joy side of the company as well. It involves working with the owners of both companies, who are fine, outstanding men. I'm in charge of the annual benefit dinner which will be held in September. So, I'll be asking companies to donate product and services for our auction to help raise money for our efforts in Ghana, Africa. We just started building a Kindergarten school in Ekorso. The North Logan community and Skyview High School have donated enough money to build a school in Ghana. It's amazing to see the improvements that will take place in Ghana. Here's a photo of one of their schools, prior to World Joy coming in and building a new school for them.

The Ghanain people are known to be the happiest people on the face of the earth, yet they have so little. Here's some more pictures from one of World Joy's trip to the Atiwa District in Ghana.

Look at these beautiful children! Ever since I was a little girl I've always wanted a black baby. Wish I wasn't too old to adopt one of these gorgeous children. I'd do it in a heart beat! Perhaps one of my children could. Now that's a thought!
Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Stampin' Up! designed a stamp set for World Joy and then some of the proceeds from the sale could be donated to World Joy. Geez Louise ... the proceeds could help build a much needed community center in Atiwa and they could even name it "Stampin' Up!" Now that's a thought!
I've got several speaking engagements lined up for the Spring. I'll have to post the whereabouts and when on my blog so if you're in the area, you'll want to sign up for the event so we can re-connect and visit with each other. I'm having a blast ... an absolute ball. It really is a wonderful life!


Anonymous said...

I'm so pleased you have found something that gives you joy! I'm sure God had this in his plan for you with the way things just seemed to work....great that he knows what is best! My love to you and yours. Keep smiling and maybe you can venture to the New England States?


Linda Lou said...

Deb: Venturing to the New England states is one of my dream goals ... especially in the Fall! My first regional seminar was in Springfield, MA just before the turning of the leaves. It was still beautiful and I vowed that I would go back to New England before I die!

Mel Hopes said...

Wow a lot has happened since I talked to you last. And now I see that you are already to small for the clothes that I gave you. Just pass them on to someone else.

I am so glad that things are going well for you and that you are going to be doing a job that is so worthwhile. I love it!!!!

I hope to see you soon.

Love you lots and lots.

Sue said...

SO happy for you Linda. You deserve every good thing that is coming your way. You have been faithful to God and He is so faithful to you.
Sue Ring

Anonymous said...

I would love to be included.

Vicki Jackson